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Lawyer Referral Service of Central Texas - Match Program

Partner Overview

This program provides reduced-fee legal services to those with a modest income who may be unable to afford regular legal fees. 

You must call the LRS office to qualify. Call (512) 472-8303 or (866) 303-8303 (toll-free). Match Program referrals will not be made online.

The Match Program is not a pro bono or free program. You must be able to pay for any services you receive. If you are unable to pay these legal fees and costs, you should consider attending the local Legal Aid Clinic.

In Texas, most lawyer referral services will refer you to a lawyer who is a part of their network and will charge you $20 for a 30-minute consultation. You should confirm this information with the lawyer referral service.

If you decide to hire the lawyer after the initial half-hour consultation, you and the lawyer can negotiate the fees. These fees may be on a full or reduced basis, depending on the program the attorney participates in.

Also, ask the lawyer whether they offer limited scope representation.  Limited scope representation is a way to hire a lawyer to handle specific parts of your case while you handle the rest. You and the lawyer will agree on the specific tasks that the lawyer will handle. The exact type and amount of work that a lawyer does in a limited-scope agreement varies based on what you and the lawyer decide is right for your case. Limited-scope representation can save you money, but not all lawyers offer it.


P.O. Box 6852
Austin, TX 78762
United States

Location Notes

Location is a mailing address only  not a physical office location.

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