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This toolkit tells you how to file a petition for adoption of an adult in Texas. FORMS ARE INCLUDED. 
This article answers frequently asked questions about accessing adoption records in Texas.  
This article answers frequently asked questions about adult adoptions in Texas.   
This article about amending petitions in family law matters was written by Texas Legal Services Center.
This article provides an overview of attorneys ad litem and amicus attorneys in family law cases.  
The Texas Supreme Court has issued several emergency orders that affects all trial courts.
This article discusses serving incarcerated persons in Texas with citation and documents in a family law case.  
This article explains how you serve a family law respondent who lives in Mexico.  
This article answers frequently asked questions about stepparent adoption in Texas. This article was written by TexasLawHelp.   
This article contains information on terminating parental rights. This article was written by TexasLawHelp staff. 
This article tells you about adopting a child in Texas.
This handbook tells you about Harris County family courts and other family law issues.