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Assisted Pro Se Services

I want a lawyer to coach me through the legal system.

Assisted pro se services are a type of help that not only provides you with legal advice and helps you with your paperwork, but also coaches you through the legal system. 

These types of programs have been proven to be very effective, but due to limited funding are not yet widespread. 

Please see the sections below for more information. 

 General Information About Assisted Pro-Se Services

  • What should I make sure to send to the lawyer or bring with me so she can provide me with assisted pro se services?

    You should make sure to bring or send:

    • Any paperwork you have already been given, which can include, but is not limited to:
      • Court filings you were served with for a lawsuit that has been filed.
      • A notice from a government agency.
    • Any letters concerning your case
    • Anything you have already filed or were considering filing.
    • Any pictures or references to other proof to prove what you say happened.
    • And any other item you think may be relevant
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    What are the limits of assisted pro se services?

    Generally, most organizations that provide assisted pro se services will not actually go to court for you. That type of representation is known as full representation. Also, due to high demand and limited funding the organizations might not be able to help everyone that applies for services. 

 FREE or Low-Cost Assisted Pro Se Services -Your Options


Self-Help Centers

A few self-help centers in Texas are able to provide limited assisted pro-se services. Make sure to call ahead and ask if they provide these types of services before going.

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Special Programs

A few of the special programs listed on the next pages, might be able to provide assisted pro-se services. When contacting them, ask if they provide these types of services.

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Legal Help Finder

Some of the organizations in our Legal Help Finder have special programs to provide assisted pro se services in certain cases. When contacting an organization, ask them if they provide assisted pro se services.

Legal Help Finder