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Types of Help

I want to know more about the types of help available to assist me.

This page contains links to information on each of the different types of help available to help you solve your legal problems. Please click the links below for more information on each type of help.


What types of help can Legal Aid Organizations provide?


  • Self-Help Information

    Self-Help information is a type of legal help that can allow you to better understand the law of your case. 

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  • Advice Icon

    Legal Advice

    Legal Advice is when a lawyer gives you their professional opinion on what has happened, will happen, or how to solve your problem by applying the law to the facts in your case. 

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  • Self Help Info

    Brief Services

    Brief Services is when a lawyer not only gives you legal advice but also helps you put together your paperwork to take action in the legal system. 

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  • Assisted Pro Se Services Icon

    Assisted Pro Se Services

    Assisted pro se services are a type of help that not only provides you with legal advice and helps you with your paperwork, but also coaches you through the legal system. 

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  • Full Representation Icon

    Full Representation

    Full Representation is when a lawyer handles your entire case for you. The lawyer is responsible for figuring out how to handle your issue and getting it through the legal system. 

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  • Impact Litigation Icon

    Impact Litigation

    This type of help is for those rare cases, which might make positive change for other Texans and even the rest of the United States. 

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What if I don't qualify for legal aid or other free or low-cost help?