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Zoom on Android: How to Turn Your Camera On/Off


Learn how to operate the camera function in Zoom.

This article will teach you how to operate Zoom’s camera function.

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How do I control my camera settings during a Zoom meeting?

If your Zoom meeting has begun, you can turn your camera on or off by clicking the video icon in the bottom-left corner of your meeting window. You can expand the video menu to select your video device. 

How do I control my camera settings before joining a Zoom meeting?

If you want to ensure that your video is off before joining a Zoom meeting, click the More ••• icon at the bottom-right of the Zoom app. Once you have accessed your Meeting Settings, scroll down to the Video section, then toggle on the Turn Off My Video button.

If the court has requested video to be on by default, you will see a video preview after selecting “Join Meeting.” This allows you to see your current video and decide whether to join the meeting with or without video. Tap Join with Video. When you are in court, you will need to have your video on

Note: the meeting host’s settings may alter your audio and video settings.  

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