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Zoom on Android: How to Chat in Zoom


This article will help you navigate Zoom’s chat feature so that you are able to communicate during your hearing.

Learn about Zoom’s chat feature, situations where you may need to use the chat feature, and situations where the chat feature might be disabled.

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How do I access the chat?

To begin messaging with one or more Zoom users, tap the Team Chat tab, then click the new chat icon.

How do I access the chat during my meeting?

Tap anywhere on your screen. A bar will appear at the bottom of the meeting screen. The chat icon will be at the bottom of your screen on the menu bar. The chat symbol looks like a word bubble and is placed to the left of the “share screen” icon. Clicking on the chat indicator will pull up the chat panel. In the chat panel, you will have the option of entering text or (if enabled) files into the Zoom meeting.

Note that your text input box will be at the bottom of the chat panel.

How can I change who I am chatting with?

Be careful to note your Send to: selection. This will control who receives your message. To change who you are sending your message to, click the dropdown box after Send to: and select the agent or agents you want to send your message to. 

You will be prompted to enter the names or email addresses as needed. 

What should I know before chatting in my Zoom meeting?

You should never, via private chat, communicate with the judge, opposing counsel, or any testifying witness.

Where can I learn more about Zoom’s chat feature?

To learn more, read Getting Started with Android How to use the Meet & Chat features with Android or read Getting Started with Zoom Team Chat and scroll down to the Android | iOS dropdown menu.

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