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Active Duty, Veterans, and Getting Help with Mental Health Issues

Legal Protections While on Active Duty

Mental health resources and information for veterans and active-duty military.

If you are suffering from a mental health crisis, please Call 988 and dial 1 for the Veteran's Crisis Line, available 24-7.

The Department of Veterans Affairs provides a Welcome Kit so veterans are aware of their benefits, including mental health programs. The VA also oversees a program called Reach which provides resources for your specific needs.

If I am facing mental health problems, should I report it to a doctor?

Yes. If you have any concerns regarding your mental health, self-reporting your concerns at a clinic is always the best option. Self-reporting allows you to get the help you need from a trained professional.

Will I face consequences in my career as an Active-Duty Service Member for reporting a mental health problem?

No. Self-reporting is always recommended and will allow both your physician and command to offer the best and most appropriate support. If you do not report your mental health concerns, and your behavior deteriorates to the point a commanding officer must report you, you could face disciplinary action, including discharge.

I suffer from PTSD due to my military service, is there any help?

Yes, there are many resources available because the DOD recognizes the mental health problems that military service can cause. The TVC is an excellent resource for Texas veterans to access benefits ranging from education benefits to mental health resources. TVC oversees the Veterans Mental Health Department (VMHD) which offers numerous mental health resources across Texas. They can also connect you with local services.

The VA also provides numerous mental health resources for Veterans discharged with at least a general discharge. If you did not receive an Honorable Discharge, and are interested in receiving military benefits, you can consider applying for a Discharge Upgrade.

I suffer from a mental health condition, but it isn't PTSD. Do I still qualify for mental health services?

Yes. Mental health in the military is not limited to just PTSD. If you have questions about mental health through a military context, the Psychological Health Resource Center is available 24/7 for any questions. This service is not limited to just active-duty service members or veterans; it can be accessed by spouses, dependents, and even the public for general questions.

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