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Other Criminal Record & Traffic Issues

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This article is intended to help advocates and others who help people who experience the often difficult transition from incarceration to the dominant society. It summarizes some of the legal hurdles caused by a criminal record and provides guidance on how to effectively manage these barriers to re-entry. It is written by...
This article contains a link to a website specifically designed to help those who believe they have been falsely convicted or are worried about their criminal case. The website is known as "And Justice for All." It was funded by the Texas Young Lawyers Association.
This article tells you basic information about criminal law in Texas. TexasLawHelp, because of conditions on its funding, is only allowed to provide limited information on criminal law. This article was written by the Texas Legal Services Center and links to resources written by the Harris County Law Library, Texas Fair Defense...
This article tells you about driver surcharges, which were additional payments assessed by the Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS) against drivers convicted of certain driving offenses. Note that there are no longer drivers surcharges in Texas.
This article tells how to file a grievance about a problem in prison, before a lawsuit is filed. Additionally, it tells how the Prison Litigation Reform Act (PLRA) requirements before going to federal court. This article was written by Texas Civil Rights Project. 
This article was written by Diocesan Migrant & Refugee Services. It provides general information and should not be considered specific legal advice for your case.
This article contains basic information about getting a free criminal defense lawyer. This article was prepared by St. Mary's University School of Law, Center for Legal and Social Justice. 
This article contains answers to common questions about immigration in regards to criminal law. This article was written by American Gateways. 
This article contains tips on interacting with police officers. This article was prepared by the Texas Young Lawyers Association.    
This article provides you with general information about your rights as an immigrant. This includes what police officers can and cannot do. This article was written by the Texas Civil Rights Project. 
This article provides information on how to request medical care, where to find I-60 request forms, and what to do if a request is not answered. This material was written by the Texas Civil Rights Project.  
This article tells you about identity theft, including steps you can take if you are dealing with identity theft. This article was written by Texas RioGrande Legal Aid.  
Ticket Help Texas is a resource for Texans who owe fines and costs in criminal cases that they are unable to pay. This toolkit was published by the Texas Fair Defense Project and Texas Appleseed.
This article provides information about assisting organizations, their staff and volunteers working with justice-involved individuals, as well as other information. This article was provided by The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.