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Tenant Rights Basic Training (ASL)

Eviction & Other Landlord Issues

Learn the basics of tenant rights through this series of short videos. The videos below are in American Sign Language. Also available in English and Spanish audio.

Eviction Defense

Learn the steps your landlord has to take to legally evict you and what defenses might apply.

Repairs and Remediation

If you are current on rent, you can demand that your landlord repair defects in your home. You must first notify the landlord twice, in writing, or once, via certified mail, to enforce your right to repairs.

Service and Emotional Support Animals

Landlords must let you keep a service animal or emotional support animal if it is not a large burden for them to do so.

Understanding Your Lease

Many landlords use the Texas Apartment Association's lease form. This lease form has conditions that you may not expect. Learn what to watch out for so that you do not accidentally violate your lease, which can result in eviction.

Right to American Sign Language Interpreter in Court

If you are deaf, you have the right to an American Sign Language interpreter for your court hearing.