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Manufactured Home Communities and Eviction

Mobile Homes

This article provides information on lease termination and eviction as well as deadlines for document submission. This article was provided by Texas A&M.

What legal recourse does the landlord have against a tenant who prematurely abandons the leased premises?

The maximum amount of damages a landlord may recover from a tenant who prematurely abandons the leased premises is one month’s rent if the manufactured home lot is reoccupied within 21 days after the tenant surrenders it. If the lot is not reoccupied within 21 days, the landlord may recover the remaining balance of the rent due plus any other amounts owed for the remainder of the lease (Section 94.201 of the Texas Property Code).

Does the landlord have a duty to mitigate damages (relet the property and lessen the tenant’s liability) when the tenant prematurely vacates the leased space?

Yes. The landlord has a legal duty to attempt to relet the manufactured home lot and lessen the
tenant’s liability when the tenant prematurely vacates. Any provision in a lease agreement that
purports to exempt the landlord from this duty or liability is unenforceable (Section 94.202 of the Texas Property Code).

How may a landlord use a writ of possession against a tenant?

By obtaining a writ of possession, which is the final step in the eviction process under Chapter 24
of the Texas Property Code, the landlord may:

  • Pevent a tenant from entering the manufactured home lot,
  • Evict a tenant
  • Require removal of a manufactured home from the manufactured home lot

Must the landlord give written notice of eviction proceedings to the lien holder of the manufactured home?

Yes. The landlord must give written notice of eviction proceedings to the lienholder within three days after filing the application or petition for a judgment for possession but only if the tenant has disclosed the name of the lienholder prior to signing the lease as required by Section 94.203(b) of the Texas Property Code.

What legal restraints or limitations will the court impose on a landlord attempting to evict a tenant?

The court will not approve an eviction if it finds the eviction was retaliatory in nature. Likewise, a
writ of possession will not be issued within 30 days of a judgment
for possession, which is the second step in the eviction process, when the tenant has paid the full amount due under the lease for that period (Sections 94.203[c] & [d] of the Texas Property Code).

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