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Family Helpline CPS and Custody Videos

Child Protective Services (CPS)

The Family Helpline created a video series to help you understand legal issues in family law and CPS cases.

If Child Protective Services is involved in your family's life, watch the Family Helpline's videos to learn about your rights and duties. The topics include:

  1. Conservatorship (Custody) Basics  
  2. Child Safety 
  3. Information for Parents 
  4. Information for Non-Parents 
  5. Dealing with CPS: An Overview 

Conservatorship (Custody) Basics 

In Texas, the legal word for custody is conservatorship. When a judge orders conservatorship, the judge makes a court order. That court order lists the rights and duties of the people caring for the child. Once an order is signed by a judge, it is binding and enforceable, which means you are supposed to follow it, and the other party can take you back to court if you do not. 

Child Safety

All children should be safe and cared for in the homes where they live.  If you think a child is not safe there are several things you can do. 

Information for Parents

Parents have a fundamental rightmeaning, it is protected by the U.S. Constitutionto raise their children and make decisions about what is in their child’s best interest.  

Information for Non-Parents

When a child is living with someone who isn’t their parent, this person may need to do things that usually only a parent would be able to do.

Dealing with CPS: An Overview

Dealing with CPS in Texas can be scary and stressfulfor parents, children, and other family members. But if you understand the process and what your rights are, it can help you make better decisions if CPS gets involved with your family.  

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