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Coerced Debt Toolkit

Family or Dating Violence

This Coerced Debt Toolkit overview offers a quick look at guides to help you find the most appropriate resources for coerced debt and financial abuse situations.

The Coerced Debt Toolkit, a project of Texas Appleseed and the Texas Coalition on Coerced Debt, combines several guides detailing steps to take if an abusive partner has forced you into debt against your will, without your knowledge, or both.

The organizations recommend reviewing each of the guides to understand how to identify coerced debt and to find available tools and strategies to address it. 

The toolkit can be found at

I suspect that my abusive partner took out debt or opened accounts in my name.

I was denied credit, housing, or a job based on my credit history.

Fourth, learn how to dispute different kinds of coerced debt and block it from appearing on a credit report.

A debt collector called or contacted me about a debt that I didn’t take out.

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