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Client-Attorney Dispute Resolution Program

Resolving a Dispute Out of Court

This article explains the purpose of the Client-Attorney Assistance Program (CAAP).

CAAP is a dispute resolution program that helps people resolve problems with their lawyer. 

Special thanks to the State Bar of Texas for their contributions to this article. 

What is CAAP?

The Client-Attorney Assistance Program (CAAP) is a confidential statewide dispute resolution service of the State Bar of Texas. CAAP’s goal is to ease communication and promote productive discussions between Texas lawyers and their clients in an effort to assist them in resolving minor concerns, disagreements, or misunderstandings that are impacting the Attorney-Client relationship. CAAP helps thousands of people every year resolve problems with their lawyers. 

Who is CAAP for?

Anyone in Texas that is having an issue with their lawyer that cannot be resolved after attempts to reach a resolution. 

Does CAAP have a helpline?

Yes. If you’re not sure about how to navigate or proceed with a problem you are having with your lawyer, call their Helpline at (800) 932-1900 or visit the State Bar of Texas for more information. 

What can CAAP offer me?

CAAP can provide you with information about the disciplinary process and direct you to other resources that might better help your issues and concerns. CAAP might also be able to help you before you file a grievance.  

What is the difference between contacting CAAP and filing a grievance?

When you contact CAAP it is to get help with resolving an issue you and your lawyer are having. When you file a grievance, it is the process of reporting unethical behavior of a lawyer and CAAP can no longer help. CAAP can help you figure out whether to report the conduct of your lawyer or not. Visit Attorney Complaint Information for more on filing a grievance. 

Can CAAP help me if I have already filed a grievance?

No, CAAP and the grievance process may not be used at the same time.  

Can CAAP still help me if I want to solve the problem myself?

Yes. CAAP’s has trained mediators that offer proven self-help methods promoting effective communication skills and strategies that might help you solve the problem yourself. 

Can CAAP help me with my case?

No. CAAP cannot help you with your underlying civil or criminal matter or provide legal advice. 

Can CAAP help me replace my lawyer?

No. CAAP cannot help you replace your lawyer or make them take any specific action. 

Can CAAP help me recover money from my lawyer?

No. CAAP cannot help you recover fees or refunds from your lawyer or collect them on your behalf. However, CAAP can assist you in your communication with your attorney about the fee and direct you to other resources that might be useful to you.  

How do I get help from CAAP?

To learn more about getting help from CAAP visit CAAP Checklist & Request for Assistance. 

Also available in Spanish at CAAP Checklist & Request for Assistance - Spanish 

Visit CAAP Brochure: English - Spanish for more information. 

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