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Video Series: Veterans Legal Matters

When veterans return from combat or active duty, they can face various legal issues while re-integrating into civilian life. From benefits loss stemming from Character of Service determinations to family arrangements to problems accessing disability benefits—veterans can face a host of legal needs because of their long separation from home. 

This video series by the Texas Veterans Legal Aid Coalition teaches veterans and their families about their rights, benefits, and legal options. 

Veterans Legal Matters

Find the full video series exploring legal matters impacting veterans below.

An overview of the crucial veterans benefits like healthcare through the VA, disability payments, and education benefits. Veterans may also qualify for more minor benefits like property exemptions, free toll tags, VA home loans, and free hunting/fishing licenses. Eligibility for benefits and services is based on the veteran's Character of Service. 

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Understand the differences between the two types of veteran's disability benefits: Service-connected disability benefits and non-service related disability pensions. 

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There are unique circumstances for veterans situating custody, visitation, the rights to make decisions concerning the children, and child support. If you are a veteran, reservist, or national guard member and are separating from your child's other parent, this video explains the legal arrangements available to you. 

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Explore the legal options veterans have after being accused of a crime. These include special Veterans Treatment Courts that take into account the unique circumstances of veterans, removing or hiding criminal incidents on records, and obtaining a limited-use driver's license. 

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Use a psychiatric advance directive (PAD) to document your preferences for future mental health treatment and to appoint a  health representative to interpret those preferences during a crisis. Draft a PAD when you are well enough to consider your treatment preferences. Your PAD will help guide treatment if you are unable to make decisions during a mental health crisis.

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Texas Veterans Legal Aid Coalition

The Texas Veterans Legal Aid Coalition is comprised of thirteen legal aid organizations that provide a variety of legal services to veterans in Texas. Members include:

The Texas Veterans Legal Aid Coalition is made possible by the Texas Access to Justice Foundation