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Service Characterization

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This toolkit tells veterans how they may be able to apply for VA Health Benefits if they do not have the health benefits due to their discharge characterization.      IMPORTANT: This procedure does not result in a discharge upgrade.  Only health benefits are the goal.  The VA only reviews the applicant’s military record to...
This article provides information and answers to common questions about appealing a military discharge characterization. This article was written by the Austin Bar Assocation - Veterans Assistance Programs and the Texas Legal Service Center's Veterans Legal Assistance Program. 
This article tells you about a great website designed to assist active duty military and veterans. The website was put together by Pine Stree Legal Assistance of Maine and the Arkansas Legal Services Partnership, and various other organizations. 
This article provides information about veterans' service-connected disability compensation. Specifically, what a service-connected disability is, and why it matters in terms of compensation. This article was written by the Texas Legal Services Center's Veterans Legal Assistance Program.