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Types of Legal Help

There are many ways legal aid organizations and legal clinics can help you. Learn about the different service types below.

Self-Help Information

This information is meant to help you better understand the laws related to your case. Self-help can include DIY court forms, legal articles, and interactive tools. 

Self-help is not a replacement for legal advice

Warning: Not all information on the internet is reliable. Be careful when getting information from online sources that charge money for information, forms, or both.

Additional Self-Help Information

Legal Advice

Legal advice is when a lawyer gives you their professional opinion on what has happened, will happen, or how to solve your problem. Legal advice can only be provided by a lawyer. 

Brief Services

Brief Services is when a lawyer gives you legal advice and also helps you put together your legal paperwork. Paperwork can include filling out forms, writing new pleadings, writing letters, and more. 

Assisted Pro Se Services

Assisted pro se services provide legal advice, help you with your paperwork, and also coach you through the legal system. Most organizations that provide assisted pro se services will not actually go to court for you.

Full Representation

Full Representation is when a lawyer handles the entire case for you. The lawyer is responsible for handling your issue and getting it resolved through the legal system.