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Texas Courts Answer Deadline Calculator

NOTE: This calculator is currently being tested. Verify dates with your own calendar and consult a lawyer. Double-check our math with your calendar. The tool is offered "as is"see TexasLawHelp's disclaimer.

This tool can help you figure out when you need to turn in an answer to a lawsuit after you have been served with papers in Texas civil courts: including district court, county court, and justice court. The calculator also factors in weekends and holidays when it calculates the deadline. 

To learn more about how deadlines are calculated, review these TexasLawHelp guides: 


Rules Governing Answer Deadlines

The main rules that control answer deadlines are: 

Although legal holidays are listed in Texas Government Code 662.003, closing dates may vary, so you should check with the court. The Texas Office of Court Administration maintains a list of closures reported by courts

This deadline calculator does not compute deadlines for criminal, federal, or other courts, including but not limited to other states' courts and Texas appeals courts.

If you ever see a problem in the calculation, we want to know so we can fix it! Contact us.