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Expunction Forms (Clear an Arrest Record)

The forms at the toolkit let you know how to clear an arrest from your record. This process is known as expunction. 

Expunction Forms

Click the links above for the forms, information, and instructions.

This toolkit includes:

  • Instructions & Forms you can use to file an expunction case called a “Petition for Expunction of Criminal Records" (as long as you meet the legal requirements).
  • Frequently Asked Questions about clearing an arrest from your record.

Do NOT use this toolkit if:

  • you were pardoned, acquitted or released with a judge’s finding of actual innocence, or
  • charges were never filed and the statute of limitation has not expired, or
  • you have not been tried and the prosecutor recommends expunction, or
  • your case involves a “waiting period” and “discretionary expunctions” which require the prosecutor’s assistance and participation in the expunction petition, or
  • you have an error on your criminal history record because someone else used your name when he or she was arrested.

Other Options? 

  • Order of Nondisclosure - Under certain circumstances, you may ask the court for an order of nondisclosure. This legally frees you from having to disclose certain criminal offenses. An order of nondisclosure also prohibits certain agencies and entities from disclosing information about certain criminal records. Get more information and the forms here:  I need an order of nondisclosure.