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Adult Adoption Forms

This section of the most popular forms page, contains links to the forms for adopting an adult.

Adult Adoption Forms with AND without name change

Click the link above for the forms, information, and instructions.

Who can file an adult adoption case?

Any adult can file an adoption case for another adult if:

  • The adult requesting the adoption resides in Texas, and
  • The adult to be adopted consents to the adoption

Who is the “petitioner” in an adult adoption case?

The person asking the court for the adoption order is the “petitioner.”

If the petitioner is married, then both spouses must join together as petitioners in the adoption case.

Note: Even though the spouse of a petitioner in an adoption case must also join in the adoption case as a petitioner, the spouse may ask the court not to grant the adoption to both spouses, and only to one.