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Rent Assistance

Learn about the new Texas Rent Relief program, updates to the Texas Eviction Diversion Program, and other local programs.

You should apply for any rent assistance that you may qualify for. Keep records to prove you applied. If you cannot get help with rent and need to use the CDC moratorium, you may need to prove that you applied for all help available.

You can apply with more than one program. Note that you can only get one rent assistance payment per month. If you apply to two different programs and both give you help for the same month, you will have to pay one back right away.

Many local programs are older and more established than the statewide Texas Rent Relief program. That means local programs may be better at getting you funds more quickly. Some local programs may not be able to help with as many months of rent, though.

Rent Assistance: Texas Rent Relief and Local Programs

1. If you are behind on bills, go to Texas Rent Relief and apply for up to 15 months' worth of rent and utilities. You can take part in the program whether or not your landlord participates. They can even help with late fees you may owe. Private and public housing tenants are eligible. Apply now while funds are still available.

2.  Apply to any local rent assistance programs. You can find partial lists of local programs here and here and through the CFPB's lookup tool. Programs change and lists get updated as money becomes available, so none of these lists are likely to be 100% complete. Be sure to check each of them!

3. Go to your city and county websites. Many local governments help with rent. For example, the Houston-Harris County Emergency Rental Assistance Program

Note that some programs require landlord participation. Others do not.

If your landlord has sued you for eviction: Fast Track and Texas Eviction Diversion Program

If you have an upcoming eviction hearing or are facing utility shutoffs, you can apply online and then fast track your application by calling 833-989-7386. Have your case or docket number ready when you call.

If possible, you should also apply for the Texas Eviction Diversion Program in addition to other assistance programs. You can do this as part of your your Texas Rent Relief application. If your landlord agrees to participate, you can get up to 15 months’ rent assistance and the eviction case can be dismissed and sealed.

If your landlord gets direct payments from the Texas Rent Relief program, they agree to participate in the Texas Eviction Diversion Program -- among other things. See here for landlord duties under the program.

Remember, your landlord must get the court's permission before they can forcibly evict you. But be aware that an eviction case on your record can make it more difficult to find housing in the future. Sealing your eviction case under the Texas Eviction Diversion Program can be a big help if you ever look for a new home.