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Protection from Violence or Abuse

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Texas does not have legal separation, so this article explains how to protect your legal rights when you are not, for whatever reason, ready to divorce.  
This article tells you about your rights, under Texas law, to break a lease if you are the victim of family violence. This article was written by Texas Legal Services Center.   
This handbook contains a link to a publication that tells you about what child abuse is whether it is emotional, physical, sexual abuse, or neglect. It also tells you about how to report it. This publication is written by the Texas Young Lawyers Association. 
Immigrant survivors of domestic abuse can apply for VAWA relief.  
This article tells you about what happens after you get a Sexual Assault Protective Order. This article was written by Advocates of Victims of Crime at the Texas Legal Services Center. 
This article was created by the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services and is reproduced in full.