475th District Court

Honorable Judge Taylor Heaton 

100 N. Broadway 
Room 220 
Tyler, TX 75702 
Phone: (903) 590-4924 

This information is current as of April 26, 2023.  

Checklist Steps

Is this court doing virtual hearings? What platform are they using? Are there any exceptions?
Unknown N/A Contact the Court for information on virtual hearings.

You can visit the 475th District Court's webpage for the most up-to-date information.

All documents you want to file with the court must be filed with the District Clerk’s Office through e-filing, in person, fax, or by mail. Contact the District Clerk’s Office with any questions at (903) 590-1660 or by using the county’s email tool

All motions must include a Certificate of Conference stating you made an effort to resolve the motion with all other parties and lawyers before filing. 

Also, read the Smith County Rules of Civil Trials for more details on filing. 

Contact the court to schedule a hearing. Read the Smith County Rules of Civil Trials to learn more on how to schedule a hearing. 

Possibly. Depending on the complexity of the matter, type of hearing, and the situation, the court will use its discretion to permit virtual hearings. Contact the court to see if you can schedule a virtual hearing. 

Each counsel should file a list of all potential exhibits to be offered, provide a copy to opposing counsel, and make all such exhibits available for examination by opposing counsel. This must be completed before the pre-trial conference or at least seven (7) days before trial, whichever occurs first.  

Any objections to admissibility of exhibits must be made at least fifteen (15) days before trial or pre-trial conference, except on leave of Court for good cause. 

The offering party must pre-mark and pre-number their own exhibits prior to trial and must provide a list of exhibits to be offered at trial to the court reporter before jury selection. 

Court staff will contact you after your hearing is set with instructions for the hearing, including how evidence is submitted and presented to the court.  

Read Rule 3.3 of the Smith County Rules of Civil Trial for more information on the submission of evidence before a virtual hearing. 

Contact the Court for more information regarding virtual jury trials. 

Possibly. Contact the court coordinator if you have concerns. 

If you have any questions concerning your case or court procedures, contact the Civil Court Coordinator at (903) 590-4924, or by using the county’s mailing system

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