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Individual Rights

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This article explains what constitutes retaliation; why it happens; and how to prevent it. This article is from the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.                                                                                
This article provides information on how to request medical care, where to find I-60 request forms, and what to do if a request is not answered. This material was written by the Texas Civil Rights Project.  
The COVID-19 pandemic poses unique and difficult challenges for our immigrant communities. This page will compile resources and information for undocumented immigrant communities as well.
This article tells you about your rights regarding restraint and seclusion during interventions in mental health programs. This article was written by Disability Rights Texas.
This article is from a human trafficking safety planning guide created by the Polaris Project. It provides information for victims/survivors of human trafficking to increase their safety.   
If you win your anti-SLAPP motion, the court might sanction the other party. The court must also make the other party pay your attorneys' fees and court costs. 
This article contains information on school rights and disaster recovery. This article was written by Lone Star Legal Aid and can be found here.  
This article provides valubale information about the laws that affect senior citizens. If you are a senior Texan this is the guide for you. It was written by the Texas Young Lawyers Association.  
This article discusses sex-based discrimination and how to identify it. Additionally, it provides documents and more for making complaints. This article is from the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. 
This article provides information about sexual harassment at work and the steps to take if you are a victim of harassment. This article is from the Equal Opportunity Commission.
This article is an introduction to Strategic Lawsuit Against Public Participation ("SLAPP") lawsuits and the Texas Citizens Participation Act.
Being careful online is always important. It can be especially important if you are in an immigration proceeding.
This article tells you about Social Security Disability Benefits. This article has information on how to apply, what to do if your disability benefits are terminated, and more. This article was composed by TexasLawHelp staff from excerpts from various SSA  publications. 
This article tells you about Social Security Benefits, SSDI benefits, and SSI benefits. It lets you know about how you would qualify for these benefits and the differences between each type of benefit. This article was written by Texas RioGrande Legal Aid. 
This article provides students and parents with information about the laws available to help students with disabilities to receive a "free appropriate public education." This article was written by Disability Rights Texas - Main Office. 
The purpose of this interactive mapping tool is to provide the geographic location for public WiFi hotspots in Texas. These hotspots can be used for remote learning, telehealth visits, remote work and virtual court appearances during the disruptions caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.
This guide explains how to change your name and/or your gender marker in Texas, as well as detail how to update various documents afterwards. 
This article provides information about The Americans with Disabilities Act and reasonable accommodations. This article was provided by Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.  
This article provides general answers to common questions about the immigration process in the United States. This article was written by American Gateways. 
This video overview of the Texas Citizens Participation Act was written by Texas Legal Services Center.