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Full Representation - Private Lawyer

I want to hire a lawyer to handle the case for me.

Full Representation is when a lawyer handles your entire case for you. The lawyer is responsible for figuring out how to handle your issue and getting it through the legal system.  
Depending on your type of case, there may be fee arrangements to allow you to better afford to hire a lawyer. 



General Information about full representation from a private lawyer

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    What is Full Representation?

    Full representation is a way for a person to hire a lawyer to take the case and handle all issues related to the case for them. The lawyer is responsible for all deadlines, court filings, and hearings. That being said, you will still need to be involved in the case even if you hire a lawyer to handle your case.


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    What should I be aware of when looking for full representation from a private lawyer?


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    How much does it cost to hire a lawyer?

    • The cost to hire a lawyer is different from case to case and lawyer to lawyer.
    • Some lawyers charge more than others. The cost a lawyer sets for her or his services is a reflection of the market for lawyers, the lawyer's level of experience, and/or skill and several other factors.
    • Some lawyers may be willing to work on a silding-scale or reduced fee basis. You should ask to see if that is possible with the lawyers you contact. 
    • Lastly, depending on your case there may be different types of fee agreements that can be agreed to. Click here for information on different types of fee agreements.
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    Working with a Lawyer

    To work well with a lawyer, you should:

    • Follow the instructions the lawyer gives you.
    • Reply promptly to any requests for information from the lawyer.
    • Tell the lawyer the complete truth. Remember, a lawyer is only able to help if they know all the facts. This is especially true for those facts that might hurt your case. 
    • Set a time each week to get a quick (5 minute) case update with the lawyer. Many lawyers have large case loads, so it might take them a while to get back to you, while they handle your case. Setting a time each week to quickly discuss your case will keep you up-to-date and the lawyer on track.
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How do I find a private lawyer?

To contact a private lawyer you will want to contact your local lawyer referral service, or the State Bar of Texas Lawyer referral service. Please see the link below for more information.

Lawyer Referral Services


What if I was not able to find affordable full representation from a private lawyer?

If you were not able to find a lawyer to provide affordable full representation, please go back to our Types of Help page to search other options you may have. Pay particular attention to the sections on legal advice, and limited scope representation.  There may also be other special programs available to assist you.