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Transfer on Death Deed

Click below to download: 
Click below for a guided form that will help you fill out the Transfer on Death Deed. For just the blank forms and instructions, click the link above.

Transfer on Death Deed - GUIDED FORM

Please Read First 

Before you use this form, please read Transfer on Death Deed: Information and Answers.  The Information and Answers will address questions such as:

  • What is a Transfer on Death Deed?
  • Does a Transfer on Death Deed affect my rights while I'm alive?
  • What if I own property with someone else?
  • Does a Transfer on Death Deed shield the property from creditors?
  • Many more...


What Other Forms Do I Need?

Affidavit of Death: When the property owner who created a Transfer on Death Deed dies, this form is used by a named beneficiary to get legal ownership of the property. Title to the property does not pass to the beneficiary(ies) until the Affidavit of Death is filed. Without legal title, you cannot sell the property, or get property tax exemptions, or use the property as collateral on a loan.

Go here for the guided Affidavit of Death Form and instructions.


How Do I Cancel a Transfer on Death Deed?

Cancellation Form: Use this form to cancel a Transfer on Death Deed. Go here for the guided Cancellation Form and instructions.