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Required Initial Disclosures in Divorces, Annulments, and Suits to Declare Marriage Void


Use this checklist to help you gather the information you need and put together a packet of information for the other party.

Parties to civil suits in Texas filed after January 1, 2021, must give the other party this information, as required by Texas Rule of Civil Procedure 194.2. That includes parties to suits for divorce, annulment, or to declare marriage void. Certain information is specifically required for suits involving child support (unless the case is against or brought by the Office of the Attorney General Child Support Division). This is required unless the parties agree otherwise, or the court lets you waive it. 

Keep a completed copy of this form for yourself. Attach the documents (like bank statements) that are required. You can attach additional pages on separate sheets of paper if you need more space for listing information.

You must give this information to your spouse no later than 30 days after either party appears, files an answer, waiver of service, or counter-petition with the court clerk.

If a question does not apply to your case, write “N/A,” “none,” or leave it blank. For example, if you have no property to list in a particular category, write “none.”


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