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Pro Se Sexual Assault Protective Order Packet

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What is a protective order?

It is a court order that protects you from someone who has sexually assaulted you.

How can a protective order help me?

It can order the offender to:

  • Not threaten or harass you or your family;
  • Not contact you or go near you, your children, other family relatives, your home, where you work, or your children’s schools;
  • Not have a gun or license to carry a gun.
  • The police can arrest the offender for violating any of these orders.

How do I ask for a protective order?

Fill out the forms in this kit

  • Application for Protective Order
  • Respondent Information
  • Temporary Ex Parte Protective Order and Show Cause Order
  • Order Extending Temporary Ex Parte Sexual Assault Protective Order (if necessary)
  • Protective Order

What is sexual assault?

Under Texas law, it is sexual assault if anyone, male or female, made you have sex by using force or threatening to hurt you or someone close to you. Specifically, this can mean:

  • Someone put their penis, finger or other object in your vagina, anus or penis, by using force or harm;
  • Someone put their penis in your mouth by using force or threat of harm;
  • Someone put your penis or vagina in contact with the mouth, anus, penis or vagina of any other person, by using force or threat of harm.

It is also sexual assault if anyone ever made you do any of these things while you were unconscious, drunk or otherwise incapacitated.

Furthermore, it is sexual assault if any adult (a person older than 18) had sexual contact with you when you were under the age of 17.

Where do I file the forms?

After you fill out the forms, take 2 copies of the forms with you to the courthouse. File them in the county where you or the other person lives. If you do not want the other person to know where you live, file them where the other person lives and do not put your address on the application or order. 

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