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Original Petition to Annul Marriage - Uncontested - No Children

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This form is the petition for annulment in uncontested cases with no children.

  • Use this form for annulment if is uncontested.
  • An annulment is uncontested when both parties agree to the terms of the annulment. 
  • One spouse, also known as the Petitioner, fills out and files this form at the courthouse to start the annulment process. 
  • It tells the Court and your spouse that you want an annulment and states what you want the Court to order in the Annulment Decree.

Read (Void/Annul Marriage) I want to annul or void my marriage before filing the forms. 

Note: For a referral to a lawyer call your local lawyer referral service or the State Bar of Texas Lawyer Referral Information Services at 800-252-9690.
For information about free and lost-cost legal help in your county, go to www.TexasBar.com/ReferralDirectory or call the Legal Aid office serving your area:
Legal Aid of Northwest Texas, 888-539-5277 (serves the Dallas-Fort Worth area and northwest Texas).
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If you have been the victim of family violence, or if at any time you feel unsafe, get help by calling:
National Domestic Violence Hotline, 800-799-SAFE (7233)
Texas Family Violence Legal Line, 800-374-HOPE (4673)
Crime Victims, 888-343-4414
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