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Do all conservators have to consent to issuance of a child's passport?

The federal Two-Parent Consent Law requires that both parents consent to the issuance of U.S. passports for children under the age of 16 unless the applying parent or legal guardian can establish that the consent of both parents or legal guardians are not required.

Texas courts can order that a particular parent or legal guardian has the exclusive right to apply for, renew or maintain passports for children. This could give parents the legal authority to show that the consent of the other parent or legal guardian is not required for the issuance of a particular passport.

If a party is declared to be a sole managing conservator and the Court does not otherwise limit the sole managing conservator’s rights with respect to issuance of passports, then the sole managing conservator has the exclusive right to apply for, renew and maintain passports for the children.

The SAPCR custody orders and Final Decrees of Divorce on TexasLawHelp.org have provisions through which Texas courts can express their decision with respect to which party or parties should have the right to consent with respect to passports for the children involved in the case at hand. 

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