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Can you serve someone citation through social media?

Can you serve someone a citation through Facebook, Twitter, or any other social media platform?

Substituted service through social media is authorized under Texas Civil Practice and Remedies Code 17.033

You should talk to a lawyer who practices in your jurisdiction to see how those courts handle the issue. If substituted service has not worked, ask your judge if you can have someone served through an alternative method. See How to Serve the Initial Court Papers. This is a kind of "alternative service." If you can show the judge that the alternative method you’ve come up with will successfully get the other party served, the judge may allow it. The bar is high to prove that social media is the best alternative method because of issues of privacy and ensuring the intended person actually received the notice. 

Social media can also be helpful to build up proof that you know where the other party is located. If you can verify that the social media account is the other party’s account, the judge may use the proof that you have to allow service to a location that is indicated on social media.

New rules about service by social media will take effect on December 31, 2020.