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Can a U.S. citizen be deported?

Being a United States citizen is the ultimate defense to deportation, because U.S. immigration laws clearly state that citizens cannot be deported.

If you are facing deportation, there are two main ways you might become a U.S. citizen:

1. Birth in the U.S. (commonly known as birthright citizenship)

2. Through a parent or grandparent who is a U.S. citizen (acquired citizenship and derived citizenship).

If you believe that you might be a U.S. citizen, and are in the middle of deportation/removal proceedings, talk to an immigration lawyer or accredited representative for help as soon as possible.

Click here for more information on U.S. citizenship. There are other ways to become a U.S. citizen, but birthright, acquired, and derived citizenship may be the most useful avenues for you if you are facing removal. This article provides an overview on deportation within the U.S. immigration laws.