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Can an incarcerated juvenile file a grievance?

Juvenile offenders may file grievances at all county detention facilities. Grievance forms are available from the grievance clerk in each dorm, along with drop boxes for form submission. These forms are on the Texas Juvenile Justice Department (TJJD) website.

Parents, guardians, and youth advocates may file grievances on behalf of juvenile inmates. If a satisfactory response is not received within 15 days, file a Step 2 grievance. Ask facility staff where to submit this appeal. If a satisfactory response to the appeal is not received within 15 business days, another appeal must be filed with TJJD’s executive director at TJJD’s central office

Juveniles on parole follow the same process, but may request grievance forms from the district parole office where they report.

Additionally, parents and guardians may contact the TJJD Office of the Independent Ombudsman to seek a solution to juvenile inmates’ problems. More information about the grievance process may be provided by the TJJD Title IX Coordinator upon request. Contacting these offices will not be construed to exhaust administrative remedies for the purposes of filing a lawsuit. The grievance process must still be followed.