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Are there any special requirements for an Acknowledgment of Paternity?

Yes.  For an Acknowledgement to be valid, it must be filed with the Vital Statistics Unit and:

  • be signed under penalty of perjury. (This means you could be charged with a crime if you lie.); and
  • state whether or not the child has a presumed father, and if so, state the presumed father’s name; and
  • state that the child does not already have an acknowledged father. (This means no one else has signed an Acknowledgment of Paternity claiming to be the child’s father.); and
  • state that the child does not have an adjudicated father. (This means no one has been named as the child’s father in a court order.); and   
  • state whether or not genetic testing has been done, and if it has, that the test shows that the man signing the Acknowledgment is the father.
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