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Family, Divorce & Children

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If nothing happens in your case for a while, it can be “dismissed for want of prosecution” (called a DWOP for short). This article tells you how to ask the judge to: (1) retain - keep your case open or (2) reinstate - reopen your case if it has already been dismissed. FORMS ARE INCLUDED.
This article tells you how to serve the initial court papers in a family law case (such as a divorce, custody, modification or paternity case).
This article tells you how to serve your spouse with the initial divorce papers.
This article tells you how to set a contested final hearing in a family law case. FORMS ARE INCLUDED.
This article about uncontested hearings was written by Texas Legal Services Center.  
The article tells you how to ask the judge to set aside (cancel) a default judgment made without you.
This article tells you how to take back (rescind or challenge) an Acknowledgement of Paternity (AOP) or Denial of Paternity (DOP).
This article contains information, instructions, and forms to help you complete an Income Withholding for Support Order. This orders an employer to withhold child support, cash medical support and/or spousal support/maintenance from an employee's paycheck. 
This article about kick-out orders was written by Legal Aid Society of Lubbock.
This article was prepared by Legal Aid of Northwest Texas and contains material from other resources as well. It contains a general overview of bankruptcy and is not a substitute for direct representation by an attorney.
This article contains information on kinship placements. When a child is removed from his or her biological parents, Child Pro- tective Services (“CPS”) will try to place the children with a family member first. This is called “kinship care” or “relative care.” A benefit of kinship placement is that the child will be able to...
This article tells you about same-sex marriage and divorce.
This article tells you about service by posting. For all instructions and forms click here. 
This article tells you how to serve the other parent by publication. For the instructions and forms combined for publication in a divorce with children, click here. 
This article contains a link to a tool designed to allow you to input the details of your visitation and custody order and generate a customized calendar of the visitation and custody dates to print out. This was created by Texas Legal Services Center.   
This article explains the use of standing orders in some Texas counties. A standing order is a court order that automatically takes effect (starts) when a case is filed.  
This article answers frequently asked questions about stepparent adoption in Texas. This article was written by TexasLawHelp.