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Eviction Information

Tenants behind on rent or utility bills may be eligible for emergency funds available to help Texas renters pay rent and utility bills (including past-due rent and utilities). Find information on eviction assistance programs below.

Rent and Mortgage Assistance

Rent Assistance. See Local Rent Assistance to find what help may be available in your area.

You should apply for any rent assistance that you may qualify for. However, you can only receive one rental assistance payment per month. If you apply to two different programs and both give you help for the same month, you will have to pay one back right away. Keep records to prove you applied.


Mortgage Assistance. The statewide Homeowners Assistance Fund Program is now taking applications.

You can also talk to your lender or servicer about getting forbearance. Forbearance temporarily pauses your mortgage payments. This can give you time to get payment assistance.

Texas Eviction Emergency Order Protections

The Supreme Court of Texas' Eviction Emergency Orders expired on July 1, 2023.


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Rural Tenants

For qualified individuals in rural counties, Texas Legal Services Center can give information and advice regarding eviction relief, negotiate with landlords to help tenants stay in their homes, and possibly provide in-court representation. Please call the Eviction Helpline at 855-270-7655 or apply online.

Need Help Applying?

Find legal aid organizations that can help you apply for rent assistance and access tenant protections.

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More Eviction Information & Resources

Texas renters at risk of being evicted can find programs, resources, and legal info to help them stay in their homes.
  • Eviction Process Overview

    Learn about the eviction process, your rights as a tenant, and the help available. 

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  • Guide: Eviction Answer

    How to respond to an eviction lawsuit. 

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  • Appeal an Eviction

    You can appeal to County Court if you lose your eviction case in Justice Court.

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For Courts and Texas Department of Housing and Community Affairs

A directory of legal aid organizations that can help answer legal questions, guide parties through assistance applications, and in some cases provide representation. See which organizations serve your county.

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