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Texas Transfer Toolkit - Full


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Actualmente, este contenido solo está disponible en inglés. Estamos trabajando en traducirlo, así que vuelva pronto para ver si ya esté disponible en español. Si necesita ayuda antes de que se traduzca, consulte nuestra Buscador de Ayuda Legal para encontrar una organización que pueda ayudarle.
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The Texas Transfer Toolkit is a digital resource from the Texas Access to Justice Commission (TAJC) to help Texans with
limited means transfer their home, car or money in a bank account to a beneficiary upon their death.

When someone dies without designating a beneficiary to receive these items, their loved ones must go to probate court and
have a judge to decide who gets them – a process that can be costly, stressful and time-consuming. Although someone can
designate who will get these items in a will, a will still must go through the probate process. Hiring a lawyer to navigate this
process may be an unnecessary expense for those without complex estates. If an individual only wishes to transfer a home, car
or money in a bank account, this Toolkit can avoid probate and save money.