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What information must be included in a small estate affidavit?

Under Texas law, a small estate affidavit must include the following information. Each item below corresponds to a section of the form (which is linked to here).

A. The name of, and facts about, the decedent;

B. That 30 days have passed since the decedent died;

C. The county where the decedent resided;

D. That the decedent died without a will;

E. That no administration is necessary;

F. The value of estate;

G. That the estate is solvent;

H. Whether the decedent applied for and received Medicaid benefits (on or after 3/1/2005);

I. The decedent’s estate assets;

J. The decedent’s debts and liabilities. 

K. The decedent's family history. 

L. A list of all heirs and distributees;

M. A sworn signature from each distributee; and

N.  A sworn signature from two disinterested witnesses.