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What is a Joint Managing Conservator?

Texas law says that parents should usually be named Joint Managing Conservators. A joint conservatorship order means the parents share decision making about most issues. It does not mean the child’s time is split equally between the parents. A possession order will say when each parent has the right to time with the child. Read this short article to learn more about possession orders: Child Visitation & Possession Orders.

In most joint conservatorship orders, one parent will have the exclusive right to decide where the child lives (usually within a certain geographic area). This parent is called the “custodial parent” and the child usually lives primarily with this parent. The other parent is called the “non-custodial parent.”

In some joint conservatorship orders, neither parent will have the exclusive right to decide where the child lives but the child’s residence will be restricted to a certain geographic area, like a school attendance zone or county.

The law says that parents should not be named Joint Managing Conservators if there is a history or pattern of violence by one parent against the other parent.

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