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Texas RioGrande Legal Aid - Austin Office

Partner Overview

Office Hours

9 AM  5 PM

Except on holidays

To apply for services, call 833-329-8752.

Intake Hours and Guidelines 

Intake Hours are the hours that the office is able to accept calls to potentially accept new cases.

Texas RioGrande Legal Aid gets far more calls on the hotline every day than they are able to answer, especially calls related to family law issues. 

It may be easier to reach Texas RioGrande Legal Aid in the evening.

Eligibility Guidelines

To qualify for free legal services from TRLA, an applicant must meet the incomeasset, and immigration requirements established by the United States Congress, the Texas Legislature, and other funding sources. TRLA will always attempt to find a funding source that will permit representation for persons who are unable to afford the services of a private attorney.

The guidelines are complicated, but trained intake workers will be the first step of the process.  Applicants will be asked various questions regarding income, assets, and citizenship/immigration status in order to see whether they are eligible. To start the application process, visit How to Apply.

Client applications are reviewed based on financial eligibility and other requirements. Clients who are unsure whether they qualify for our services can call the intake phone number above. 

What if I have an emergency?

In some cases, like domestic violence, evictions, or service of court papers, you may need immediate legal help.

Examples of urgent matters include but are not limited to:

  • Any hearing within ten (10) days if it involves family violence or the abuse or neglect of a child
  • Danger of wage garnishment within seven (7) days
  • Notice of Sale within twenty-one (21) days in a foreclosure matter
  • Any hearing within seven (7) days of the hearing
  • Homeless applicants
  • Imminent or actual termination of utilities
  • Family violence or child abuse/neglect within the past seven (7) days {including threats made with a weapon}
  • Improper residential lockout (or when writ of re-entry has been denied)
  • Served with lawsuit and deadline within ten (10) days
  • Sheriff's notice to vacate residential premises
  • Termination of benefits or medically necessary healthcare within seven (7) days

Make sure to let the intake worker know about any urgent deadlines. All conversations are confidential.

Languages Served

  • English

  • Spanish

  • Interpreters are available for other languages upon request.


4920 N. 1-35
Austin, TX 78751
United States

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