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Texas Access to Justice Commission

Partner Overview


The Texas Access to Justice Commission, created by the Supreme Court of Texas in 2001, is charged with developing and implementing initiatives designed to expand access to, and enhance the quality of, justice in civil legal matters for low-income Texans.

Specifically, the Commission aims to:
  • Identify and assess current and future needs for access to justice in civil matters by low-income Texans.
  • Create a framework for equitable access to justice by promoting policies, procedures, court rules, and legislation that remove barriers to our judicial system.
  • Increase resources and funding for access to justice in civil matters and ensure both are applied to the areas of greatest need.
  • Ensure wise and efficient use of available resources including local, regional and statewide coordination systems.
  • Develop and implement other initiatives designed to expand civil access to justice, such as assisted pro se programs, strategic use of technology, and enhanced community education.
  • Monitor the effectiveness of the statewide system and services provided.


PO Box 12487
Austin, TX 78711
United States