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Transfer on Death Deed Project - Texas Legal Services Center

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Transactional Legal Assistance is a statewide Texas Legal Services Center project that:

  • Prepares deeds for low-income Texans who own property. This allows for the transfer of title to real property upon death without the need for a will or probate; 
  • Creates general durable powers of attorney for those wishing to designate another person (agent) to assist in the handling of their financial affairs; 
  • Helps with occupational driver’s licenses if a license was lost due to a DWI or other traffic violation; and 
  • Helps with expunctions or nondisclosures for those who wish to clear or seal a criminal record to more easily qualify for housing and employment.

There is no charge for its services to income-eligible Texans. Contact the project at 512-637-6752 or toll-free at 800-622-2520, option 4.


To receive free services, you must be a Texas resident and have a household income at or below 125% of the Federal Poverty Guidelines. The guidelines are listed in Court Costs and Fee Waivers.



Contact Info

1920 E Riverside Dr Ste 120-A
Austin, TX 78741
United States
(800) 622-2520