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Jane's Due Process

From Their Website:

Pregnant minors ask for legal representation and information in a variety of circumstances:

  • For the minor who seeks to terminate a pregnancy but is unable to obtain parental consent and wishes to apply for a judicial bypass
  • For the minor who seeks to continue a pregnancy and experiences teen dating violence, family violence or parental pressure to terminate, resulting in the need for a protective order.
  • For minors who seek information on the requirement to file for emancipation.
  • For the minor who seeks access to educational opportunities and faces denial due to pregnancy and parenting (Title IX violations).

Our work with judicial bypass

A judicial bypass is a legal exception to parental consent for abortion.

Jane’s Due Process ensures guidance and free legal representation to any minor seeking a judicial bypass. Texas law recognizes that parental notification may not be in the best interest of every pregnant minor, and provides a judicial bypass exception in certain cases including incest, neglect, sexual abuse, sexual assault, and other special circumstances. Jane’s Due Process identifies those minors who, because of their unique circumstances, are likely to prevail on the merits in bypass procedures. JDP refers these cases to a network of attorneys who provide representation without cost to the minors themselves.

If you are in need of a judicial bypass, please call our 24/7 hotline at 1-866-999-5263.

Contact Info

P.O. Box 685137
Austin, TX 78768
United States
(866) 999-5263