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Houston Bar Association - Legal Line

COVID-19 Changes: The April 1 LegalLine and April 2 Consejos Legales sessions are CANCELED. The next LegalLine on April 15 may be subject to postponement or cancellation. Please check the HBA website for the latest information HERE

Content on this page reproduced from their website:

What Is LegalLine?

LegalLine is a community service outreach program created by the Houston Bar Association in 1985. This hotline is designed to help the people of Houston receive simple legal advice, answers to legal questions and referrals to helpful resources over the telephone, at no cost to the caller. Callers may ask questions on any legal topic.

All calls are answered by licensed attorneys. Our volunteer attorneys specialize in a variety of fields, including family law. The volunteers remain anonymous.

No appointment is necessary, just place your call while the program is taking place. We accept phone calls only — not in-person visits. Please note that when the LegalLine program is not taking place, there are no attorneys who can be reached at this phone number.

When and Where Is LegalLine?

With few exceptions, LegalLine takes place on the first and third Wednesdays of every month, between 5 p.m. and 9 p.m.

Call (713) 759-1133

Who Can Call LegalLine?

Any resident of Harris County may call LegalLine.

Contact Info

1111 Bagby St
FLB 200
Houston, TX 77002
United States
(713) 759-1133