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Hill Country Dispute Resolution Center

Hours of Operation

9:00 AM to 5:00 PM 

Monday through Friday

Except on Holidays

Services Provided

Text below reproduced from their website:

What is Mediation? 

Mediation is a process where an impartial, trained mediator helps negotiate  the settlement of a dispute. The mediator helps the disputing parties communicate  with each other to settle their immediate dispute, and to promote reconciliation and understanding between them. Mediation proceedings are confidential as a matter of Texas law. However, a mediated settlement agreement is usually admissible into the court records of the settled dispute.

How Much does Mediation cost? 

We charge a flat fee of $350. per side in a typical case. The fee remains the same whether the mediation takes only one hour, or takes all day. In cases where both sides and the mediator agree to continue a mediation beyond 5:00 P.M., both sides will be charged an after-hours fee of $100 per hour or part of an hour. In all out-of-area cases, both sides will be charged an additional fee of $50. The fee for all Justice of the Peace cases ranges between $150. and $350. a side. Call us for verification of the cost for the kind of case you are considering or mediation. (830) 792-5000 or (888) 292-1502

What Kinds of Disputes can be Mediated? 

Almost any kind of dispute can be mediated. 
For example, commonly mediated disputes include the following:

  • Divorce (Property Division, Child Custody, Visitation & Child Support)*
  • Modification of Court Orders (Involving Child Custody/Visitation/Child Support)*
  • Contract disputes
  • Consumer complaints
  • Probate disputes
  • Automobile accidents and other injuries
  • Landlord-tenant problems
  • Homeowner Association cases
  • Real Estate including condemnation proceedings
  • Conflicts between Neighbors
  • Workplace & Employment issues

*Note that formal court action is required to complete a divorce or modification of a court decree, even when the parties have agreed 
to the terms of the divorce or modification.

Contact Info

327 Earl Garret
Suite 108
Kerrville, TX 78028
United States
(830) 792-5000