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Dallas County Dispute Resolution Center (DCDRC)

Partner Overview

COVID-19 Changes: The following Dallas County offices are closed for face-to face transactions until further notice.
Please see their respective department website for more information. Dallas County Clerk’s Offices   |   Dallas County District Clerk’s Offices   |   Dallas County Tax Offices 

Hours of Operation

8:00 AM - 4:30 PM

Monday - Friday

Except for Holidays

Services Provided

The following text is excerpted from their website:

What is Mediation?

Mediation is a process by which an impartial person, the mediator, facilitates communication between disputing parties, in order to promote reconciliation, settlement and understanding among them. The mediator as a neutral does not give opinions or judgments during mediation.

What are the criteria used to refer cases to the DCDRC?

The DCDRC receives case referrals directly from the Courts.

How can we get an appointment on the DCDRC calendar?

After your case has been referred to the DCDRC, please contact our offices within seven days to get an appointment scheduled.
What are the fees associated with the DCDRC?

The Judge ordered us to mediation. Do I need to hire an attorney?

The decision to retain counsel is ultimately up to the litigant’s discretion. The DCDRC functions solely on case referrals directly from the Courts.

There was a search performed for mediators in the Dallas area in private practice and your Center did not appear in the search results. Why?

The DCDRC is a public service, not a private sector mediation practice. The DCDRC was established to address an unmet need for the citizens/residents of Dallas County. This in-house program is offered as a service to the public and in no way competes in the private market.


600 Commerce Street, 6th Floor
Suite 681-D
Dallas, TX 75202
United States

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