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CPS Family Helpline for Strong Families and Safe Children

How can I contact the Family Helpline?

Call the Family Helpline at 844-888-6565 with your CPS-related questions. 

The helpline is open, Monday through Friday, from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Spanish speaking services and additional language sare also available.

What kind of questions can the helpline assist me with?

Here’s a sample of commonly asked questions:

  • What is involved in a CPS investigation?
  • What are Family Based Services?
  • What is Kinship Care?
  • Will I need a lawyer?

Will I speak with a lawyer?

The Family Helpline is answered by lawyers with CPS experience.

Callers will receive legal information and education, but not legal advice or legal representation. 

Questions about the CPS process will be explained to callers in everyday language.  

Make sure to ask about referrals to local resources that benefit children, families, and the community at large.


Contact Info

Austin, TX 78741
United States
(844) 888-6565
(512) 477-6576