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Client Attorney Assistance Program (CAAP)

COVID-19 Changes - In an effort to minimize the potential spread of the virus, most State Bar employees are now working remotely, and State Bar offices are temporarily closed to visitors. We will continue to provide essential services, but please bear with us if it takes us a little longer than usual to answer your calls or email messages.

Also, the State Bar of Texas is canceling, postponing, or going online with all live events through at least May 10 in line with the latest guidance from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Please click HERE for the most up tp date information including Court guidance and closures.

All text below reproduced from the State Bar of Texas:

What CAAP Can Do:

CAAP answers the Grievance Information Helpline. If you’re just not sure how to proceed regarding a problem with your attorney, call the Helpline at (800) 932-1900.

CAAP can provide information about the disciplinary process, as well as direct you to other resources—such as other State Bar of Texas departments, local bar associations, and additional community, State of Texas, or federal programs and agencies—that might better serve your issues and concerns.

Most importantly, CAAP may be able to help before you file a grievance! Although CAAP and the grievance process may not be used at the same time, the trained mediators of CAAP can offer proven self-help methods promoting effective communication skills and strategies that may help you solve the problem yourself:


What CAAP Can't Do:

Please know that while CAAP can assist you in trying to re-establish communication with your attorney, we cannot explore your underlying civil or criminal matter, provide legal advice, or take any action to remove, replace or compel your attorney to take any specific action.

CAAP cannot recover fees or refunds from your attorney or collect them on your behalf. CAAP can, however, assist you in your communication with your attorney about the fee and direct you to other resources that might be useful to you. Please click here for more information on Fee Disputes.

If you believe the fee charged is unjust, or not supported by the fee agreement and/or work performed, please follow the steps for filing a grievance.

CAAP has no authority over Judges, Magistrates, Law Enforcement or Jail officials and cannot contact them on your behalf. Please see the following list of resources that may be useful to you: Inmate Resources


Contact Info

1414 Colorado St
Austin, TX 78701
United States
(800) 932-1900