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Will ACLU of Texas take my case?

Text below reproduced from ACLU of Texas Website.

Before accepting a case, the ACLU Foundation of Texas considers:

(1) Does the case raise a civil liberties or civil rights issue?

Civil liberties include freedom of speech, press, religion, and association; due process; equal protection; and privacy. Civil rights include, for example, voting rights; discrimination based on disability, race, sex, sexual orientation, religion or national origin, and police reform.

Because of the nature of civil liberties claims, only rarely does the ACLU Foundation of Texas take a case that does not involve the government.

(2) How likely is it that a court will reach the civil liberties issue?

Generally, the ACLU takes cases that do not involve complicated disputes of fact, and prefers cases that involve questions of law only.

(3) The potential impact, including:
  • Will the case set a civil liberties precedent?
  • Will the case strengthen an existing but ignored precedent?
  • What are the prospects of success and the risks of losing?
  • How likely is the issue to recur?
  • What educational opportunities does the case present?
(4) The allocation of resources, including:

What costs and administrative burdens will the case impose in relation to available ACLU Foundation of Texas staff and funds?

Are volunteer attorneys available?


There may be deadlines that might affect your lawsuit or grievance. If you are concerned about whether the time for bringing your complaint is about to pass, you should not rely on filing an ACLU complaint to protect you; you should consult with an attorney of your choice. 


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