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T Visa Evidence Gathering Checklist

Gather the following evidence, if possible, before applying for a T Visa.

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Documentary Evidence

Examples of documentary evidence are police reports, emails confirming interviews, business cards, etc., that show you reported the trafficking experience to the law enforcement agency in the jurisdiction where the trafficking event occurred.

Law Enforcement Certification

This is a certification from law enforcement that you were the victim of human trafficking. It is not required, but it is recommended. 

Sworn Declaration

You will want to produce a sworn declaration about your experience. Talk to an immigration attorney for help.

Medical Records


  • Medical reports: Hospital records, rape examinations, etc.
  • Mental assessments for trauma.
Secondhand Evidence

Gather secondhand evidence of your experience, such as news articles, letters from witnesses, etc. 

Evidence of Extreme Hardship

Evidence of Extreme Hardship can be medical reports of mental or physical illness; evidence that U.S. citizen immediate relatives would not be able to seamlessly move to another country; or reports of the condition of the country you would be required to return to.