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Zoom on Desktop: How to add or invite another person to the meeting


This article will teach you how to add or invite another person to your Zoom meeting from a desktop.

Learn more about participant control and adding, removing, or inviting other participants to your Zoom meeting.

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How do I add another person to my Zoom meeting?

The best way to add another participant to your Zoom meeting will be by sharing the Invite Link.  

If the Zoom meeting has not started

Open the Zoom app and click on the Meetings tab. This will give you the option to see upcoming meetings you have scheduled.  

From there, click on the scheduled meeting to find the Invite Link.  

The Zoom app will give you the option to copy the invitation link.  

Note: Be sure to share the invitation link in a secure manner to prevent anyone else from having access to your meeting. 

If the Zoom meeting has begun

You can access the Invite Link in the top-left corner under Meeting Information. If everything is running properly, the Meeting Information tab should be a green shield with a checkmark. You will need to hover over your screen for the icon to appear.  

Or, you can access the invitation link by clicking on the Participants tab then clicking Invite. This will pull up a screen with the option to either send the invite link to a Zoom contact or email. In the Invite window, you have the option to click the Copy Invite Link at the bottom. 

Note: Make sure that you are aware of any Meeting Passcode. The person you invite will need the meeting passcode. If the meeting is set up with a meeting passcode, the invitation you send will also have the meeting passcode. 

Video Instructions

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